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  • Commit to new beginnings
  • Commit to embracing new ideas,
  • Commit to daily accomplishments 
  • Commit to accepting personal responsibility for your own behavior 
  • Commit to changing your past behavior
  • Commit to new beginnings 
  • Commit to being open about, who you really and the greatness is within you
  • Commit to honesty
  • Commit to learning and adapting to change
  • Commit to setting goals
  • Commit to striving toward honest financial and personal independence.
  • Commit to accepting disappointment as “teachable moments.”
  • Commit to loving yourself
  •  Commit to your today, leaving your yesterday behind
  • Commit to completing Ivory’s Place Program
Do you Really want a Life Coach?
Must be Committed 
 The (IP) programs  is our first step to activate this vision. Over the next  two years, we committed  to a variety of  programming to further advance our programs. In this time, Ivory’s Place will demonstrate itself as effectively being able to aid in reducing recidivism and alleviating homelessness raising up a new generation of leaders  . 
The story of Ivory’s Place Inc. growing will be a modern day benchmark for how to help our youth grow from surviving into thriving.
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