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​ Our programis a six-week free curriculum base program reinforcing positive perception of one self-confidence, awareness of capabilities, exception of pass failures, reconfirming anticipated goals, began creating immediate goals. The program is designed for all ages male and female.
Currently Ivory’s place is targeting youth and young adults from ages 10 to 25 from any community. 

The new millilumens face many uncertainties such as; fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of homelessness, potential recidivism, lack of education, fear of unemployment, and fear of society itself. Our program will benefit our up and coming new generations. We will guide them into attainable skills giving them sustainability for their future. 

Ivory’s Place Inc. can make changes in the curriculum, to further accommodate the state, county population any program in our community (adults/children). All adjustment will not exceed the time frame of program. State operated programs or eight weeks long.

We are available to begin the programs in the following locations;

Department of Corrections State and County facility 
Community-Based Rehabilitation
Juvenile Detention Centers 
Private facilities